1188, Red House, Le Plateau, oil on board, 8x10

Sorry about the glare. It was such a windy day that I had to lean this painting up a bit towards the sky so it wouldn't blow over while I took the photo.

1185, Charlottetown, Winter Night, 8x10, egg tempera

The Olde Dublin Pub makes the best Curry. And they play Trivia every week. Trivia is very popular on the Island...as well as a Ceiligh every night somewhere on the Island. No end to musical talent!

1183 The Blue House, McGill Ghetto 8x10 egg tempera

Here's yet another version of "The Blue House". I really like the blockyness of this arrangement of buildings and the courtyard. And that tree is so elegant. I'm pleased with the way it turned out.

1180 St Dunstans Basilica, Charlottetown, 8x10, egg tempera

HEre's a New Year's scene from Charlottetown. The woman in the middle of the street walked by me and said "I'm going to New Year's Mass at the Basilica". She was bursting with energy and a huge smile.
I will post this on an ebay auction tomorrow. I have started working on my website. (www.artbydarleneyoung.ca). I deleted the hundreds of images I had on there. Now I want redesign the website so that it is organized and the paintings are organized into what's available, prints, and auctions.  It's a free weebly website. It will do all that I want it to do. The problem is that I don't know how to build a website with weebly....Totally forgot how I did it in the first place. Now I have to relearn it and I'm a little technologically phobic. Plus the old brain is....well....old and wearing out.  I'm going to watch some youtube tutorials on how to build a website with weebly. 

1178 Lorne Avenue, McGill Ghetto, 8x10, egg tempera

This is similar to an oil paining I did a while back. It was such a hit that I decided to do a similar scene in egg tempera. I wonder if it will get as many hits.It was fun to do. All those layers and layers of transparent paint. I like the dog.

1177 Skills and Drills, 8x10, egg tempera

I put Montreal Canadians jerseys on ta couple of these kids. I considered putting a variety on but the red ones work well with the limited pallet.

1176 Learning to Skate at Outremont Park, 8x10, egg tempera

I just finished this one today. I really like the narrative. EBay has offered me a great promotion on auctions so I might put this on auction starting Saturday. Pictorem also has a new printing service for artists which I'm going to give a try as there seem to be no limitations on the quantity of images I can upload for free. However I will have to take the highest quality photographs. So I'll have to read the manual for my camera. Sheesh....I don't like reading manuals.

1175, Charlottetown, Steeples, 8x10, egg tempera


Another charming subject. This work has dozens of layers of glazes. Especially the snow in the foreground has a lot of depth.
I can go a little overboard with the snow on the branches and power lines...but it really is that snowy in Charlottetown. And the snow tends to be the sticky sort...perfect for making snowmen.

1173 St-Viateur Autumn Day, egg tempera

I love this scene, and I really enjoy painting with egg tempera. Egg tempera is a very time and labor intensive method. But I really love the results. It must be seen in person to appreciate the enamel-like surface. 

1172 Lorne Crescent, 8x10, egg tempera, work in progress

I always liked this pretty view. Here's my India ink underpainting. Or Grisaille. Doing an grisaille underpainting helps getting things started.
It sets the value which is most important. Then, it's a matter of glazes, tweaking, scumbling, and polishing. Did I mention that with egg tempera you can get a nice sheen and temper the surface by hand polishing with a soft cloth. Plus, no risk of lint or hairs getting trapped like a (fly in amber) for all eternity. (Often happens when you varnish)

1168 Avenue Duluth Ouest, Work in Progress

Here's the India Ink underpainting for my current piece.
The values are lighter than the end result will be because each glaze layer will darken the value.  Any areas that become too dark can be lightened by scumbling a lighter tone over the area. It's all about making adjustments until I am satisfied. 99% of a painting is getting the values right. The rest is emotion, draftsmanship, and surface quality.

1165 Heading Home, 8x10, egg tempera

This painting has many many glazes. The snow might have 50 layers and a dozen at least for the red bricks. I'm really pleased with the results. 

1163 The Ritz, Montreal New Year Day, 8x10, egg tempera

sold Toronto
New Years morning on Sherbrooke in front of the Ritz. On baltic birch sealed and gessoed by me. I ground my own pigments in organic free range egg yolks (only happy hens eggs for my work). Dozens of layers of egg tempera over india ink underpainting.  One of my favourites.