1289 Down the Lane, 8x10, egg tempera

 The scene in the lane just the other day. Today the snow has receded in places and crocuses are peeping out. Crocuses always remind me of Easter Eggs.

St Denis UQAM Montreal Nicht Lights


 I painted this last week with a silvery sky but changed it today with pure ultramarine. Yes.

Canada Post Alternatives?

Does anyone have any good experience with other shippers besides Canada Post?

My paintings need to be shipped with TRACKING, INSURANCE and CONFIRMATION OF DELIVERY. I normally charge $30 to ship to the US and $25 within Canada.

I am shipping from a small city in BC. So not all courier services are available here.

I am considering giving UPS a chance. Your experience and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

1271 McGill University Ghetto, 8x10 egg tempera

 I took a different approach with this piece. I started with a black ground and built up the lights. I think the painting has a nice depth. What do you think?

1263 Under the Overpass, Montreal, 8x10, egg tempera

 This is one of my favourite streets in Mile End. I love that big old warehouse and the water tower. It makes the houses seem more private.

1261 The Best Winter Day, 8x10, egg tempera

 Those were the best of days. When you do winter sports you hate to see winter end. You might even hope for more snow.

1259 The Word, 8x10, egg tempera

 This is such a charming little shop. The Word has been there for as long as I can remember.