Some Say Tomadas, oil on canvas board, 6x6

It was a rather rainy day and I hibernated.  So I painted the brightest thing in the studio.

482 Fonyo Beach

This view point to Fonyo Beach is one of my favourite views.I painted it close to sunset yesterday. The light was changing so fast. By the time I painted one thing it was already changed. That's the way with plein air painting.

Painting Painters Painting, oil on board, 8x10

This morning I painted pout at Woodwynn Farm in Brentwood Bay. I really wanted to paint figures and I thought the artists would be a captive audience. Nope, Fidgety fidgety fidgety!

481 Rodo Garden

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I spent the afternoon at Glendale Gardens. The Rodo Garden is bursting with colour and fragrance.
The hummingbirds and bees were feasting. They seem so happy!

480 Ogden Point

It was threatening rain this morning and  all the colours and values and temperatures were changing faster than I could paint them. So I chose the coors myself. I like the results.

479 Garlic on Orange

Sometimes a little still life is a good way to start the day. I always have trouble finding something "meaningful" to paint. So why not just something deliciously beautiful. And I thought the black background really enhanced the look of the garlic. And black is a serious colour and garlic is a serious food. Well that's how I see it anyway.

(The book is, "Make Your Life Worthwhile" by Emmet Fox, in case you were curious)

477 Summer Day

It was a beautiful day in Victoria. Just like summer. Actually, maybe a little too warm. Everyone was out enjoying the weekend. I used a very limited warm palette for this painting. 

475 Camus Flowers

It's springtime and the camus flowers are everywhere around James Bay. I painted these this morning at Holland Point.  That's Esquimalt across the water and beyond is the Olympic Mountain Range. 

474 The Rock at Gonzales Beach

I did today's painting at Gonzales Beach. This giant bolder seems so out of place on this beach. No budging it though.

473 The Bridge

It was quite windy out at the Esquimalt Lagoon this morning. I thought it would be less windy by the bridge....nope.  I felt inspired by the criss-cross dark and light pattern.