650 Van Gogh Irises

I painted these in the rain today in the front lawn of the Empress. I was so inspired. They painted themselves.

646 First Performance

Here's the same painting with a different background. Actually this is the original background. I wanted something more illuminated but nothing worked as well as the dark curtains. 

644 Afternoon Tea at the Empress

I'm pleased with the results. Adding the harbour scene beyond the windows gave this painting more interest and depth. And bringing the fabric pattern to the left side of the painting helped to unify the composition and define the figures on the left. I like it and I can hardly wait for it to dry to varnish it. Sorry about the glare.

Afternoon Tea in progress

This work is still in progress. I'm beginning to glaze colour over the value painting. And I've added the pattern to the sofa and chair. This really adds something to the feeling or the painting.  Eye candy.

644 Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Empress

This is the start of the underpainting for Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Empress. It's a big one. 3x4 feet. 

643 Open Mic

Here's the finished Open Mic. I created more contrast. There's a little chiraschuro. 

642 Blue Bridge

Here is another painting of the Blue Bridge (This is my twelfth). I like the cluttered rush hour feeling.

Flowers For Me

sold - China
Below is the underpainting for Blue Bridge.I think I will glaze colour over  it tomorrow. I can hardly wait! I'm really enjoying working on this painting.

Blue Bridge Under Painting In Progress

I've been working on larger paintings lately. Here are three in progress. I'm most excited about the Blue Bridge painting. I love the crowded busy feeling of this scene. I still have some work to do on this under painting before glazing colour onto it but I feel really good about it. 
I'm a little bored with the Fan Tan Alley paintings. I think I'll put them aside till I feel excited about them again.

 Blue Bridge Under Painting in progress

Fan Tan Alley in Progress

Fan Tan Alley in progress