716 Montreal Winter, rue St-Denis

St-Denis is so magical in the winter with the large coloured globes hanging in the trees.

712 Charlottetown PEI Winter Scene

Here's another Charlottetown scene. You can ski around town in December. But watch out for the cars. (The snow can be slippery like vaseline).

709 Remembrance Day White Roses #2

Here are those pretty white roses again. I kept them in the fridge to keep the fresh. I love the texture in the paint strokes. They create a sense of movement and are interesting and beautiful in themselves.

708 Remembrance Day Roses

White Roses signify remembrance for a loved one lost. I found these on a path near Beacon Hill Park yesterday and knew I had to paint them.  While I painted them today I heard the gun salute from the ceremony in front of the Parliament Building.

705 Red Tulips

I found these lovely tulips  at Thrifty's today. I was thrilled. I just love red tulips!

704 Montreal, Sherbrooke Est

This is a scene from my visit to Montreal last winter. I wanted snow and got loads of it.