1257 ParcLaFontaine Snow Day, 8x10 egg tempera

 I repainted this painting. I had painted this scene some time ago. I'm lost in time so I can't say if it was month or a year or two ago.  Anyways, after painting the first copy I didn't care for it (Okay, I don't know why but I hated, despised, and loathed it!). So I put it under the bathroom tap and sent it down the drain. There's my confession. Would other artists understand? I had no reason to do it other than mean angry spite. I had plenty of boards to do new paintings on...so I didn't need the board or anything. 

Well, after destroying my creation and letting some time pass I regretted it. I had photographed it before the big wipe off. Every time I saw the image I felt guilty. It got worse and worse. I was haunted by that image. 

I felt that the only way to make it stop was to bring it back to life. 

So I decided to repaint it. Here it is. I'm not (I promise) going to wipe it away again. I will give it some time to cure and then carefully seal it under some lovely, ultra blond, 2 lb cut home made shellac. 

There's my confession. Here's my amends. I'm ready to move on to my next painting. Thank you for reading this.

It is not my first time destroying a lovely work of art. But hopefully I have learned my lesson.

1252 Winter Fun, Parc LaFontaine, 8x10, egg tempera

Sold-New Jersey

 I love winter fun. Skating, skiing, sliding. I don't mind the cold at all as long as I can play in the snow.

1251 "Knock Knock", McGill Student Ghetto, 8x10, egg tempera

 My cat always wants out. Even in bad weather. Then she wants in after a few minutes. It never ends. I'm her slave.

1237 Outremont Lane Shabbat

 Sorry, Blogspot has changed their format and I can't figure out how to make my post viewable on a smartphone. I also can't figure out how to add a caption and a link to my ebay auction.

The new Blogger isn't user friendly at all. I sense that they are giving up on it and moving on. Maybe it's time for me to make a wordpress website. Ideas?

1233 Full Moon over Montreal, 8x10 egg tempera


 Why is there always a lonely cat watching out the windows in Montreal. This is the view from an upper window of La Musee des Beaux Arts on a full moon night.