Saturday, November 4, 2017

1006 Pont Jacques-Cartier, 8x10, oil on board

sold-Two Rivers BC
I just love the collage-like feeling to this painting. I accidentally spelt it Jaques Cartier and had to go back in and fix that. I was so tempted to just leave it (I'm soooo lazy) but I just knew I'd get heat for that. Only took a couple of minutes to repaint the sign. But you know how it is.....Once you "fix" one thing you start "fixing" everything else.  You don't stop till you're at the point of ruining the whole thing.....Phew. I like the results. And I won't get heat for anything.
I know the title is misleading. But I'll take heat for that. I'm leaving it. I'll paint the actual bridge another day.

1543 Untitled