1072 Outremont Park, 8x10 oil on board

sold-LaPrairie QC
I love love love ice skating! It's so much fun. It's like flying! I haven't been in 3 years. Last time I went skating I fell and knocked myself out. Spent Christmas night in the Emergency Ward. I've been too scared to skate since then. I'm starting to feel like hitting the ice again. From now on I'm wearing a helmet!

The Red Hat, Montreal Winter Scene, 8x10 oil on board

sold-Maine Island BC
I redid this painting. I just love the composition. I considered putting snowflakes coming down but it might have been too much splatter. That's where digital painting has its advantages....so easy to undo. This is now one of my favourite paintings. It just sold and I feel a little sad when I sell one of my favourites.

1070 Crescent Street, 8x10, oil on board

Everyone's going out to eat after a day of shopping. Food tastes infinitely better if you've had to climb over snow, drive around and around to find parking, and burned calories shivering in the cold. Brrrr

1038 Montreal Scene, McGill Student Ghetto, 8x10, oil on board

I considered calling it "Cat in the Window". Or is it a little dog?  I always liked this house.

1037 McGill Scene, Springtime, 8x10, oil on board

IT's officially springtime. The snow will be gone in a couple of weeks. Students will be relieved that they have made it through the year. Matches will have been made and friendships forged. The summer festival season will soon begin and it'll be the best summer ever.

1035 McGill Ghetto, Laundry Day, 8x10 Oil on Board

Is it laundry day or grocery shopping in this scene?
Well, spring is right around the corner.  Soon I'll be painting spring flowers. Happy Easter!

1034 Montreal Scene, McGill Ghetto, 8x10, oil on board

I gave this painting a tune-up. That's "Green's Grocery" on the corner down there. I't's been there ever since I can remember.