661 Carnations in a Jar

Here's those same carnations I bought a week ago. This is another canning jar. I think it's a Canadian made jar. $100 plus $10 s/h 

660 Gold Stream Autumn Spirit

I painted this scene in a small plein air format last fall. I used that painting as a reference for this larger version. I still want to "Tweek" it a bit but I'm pleased with it overall.

659 Old Fashioned Flowers in Jars

Today's alla prima still life was painted from those flowers.  The sunflowers succumed to the heat of the spot light but the carnations might last through another painting tomorrow.

658 Empress Bouquet

I painted this from the lovely bouquet from the Empress room. I even love the gold twist tie around the stems.

657 Carnations in a Jar

Here are those lovely carnations again.
My still life set up in the Empress lobby

654 Empress Rose Simplicity

This is the rose "Simplicity" from the Empress rose garden. It's such a lovely garden. There is nothing simple about this lovely rose.

653 Empress Rose, Opening Night

I painted this plein air in the Empress rose garden yesterday. I just love flowers! Below is a photo of this rose. It's still drying and available to buy. You can see it at my gallery at the Fairmont Empress.

Hybred Tea, Empress Opening Night

652 Bouquet from the Empress Lobby

This is a painting of the bouquet from the Empress lobby. Each week it is replace with a new one. These bouquets are works of art in themselves. They are usually large and fragrant. They are titled. This one is called "Sly Fox" as it is dominated by Foxtails. I painted it the other day when the flowers were still quite closed. 

Me in the Empress Garden

Here's a photo of me while I was painting those irises in the Empress garden along with the painting.