1120 Quebec Scene, Beauce Region Church, 8x10, oil on board

This charming scene was inspired by a photo reference provided by my dear friend and amazing photographer Luc Belisle.

1119 Outremont Park, 8x10 oil on board

Sold-Coquitlam BC
I know it's summer now, but I just finished this painting yesterday. 

1117 Gaspe Scene, Men at the Boat, 8x10, oil on board

Sold-Nova Scotia
I started this years ago and finally took it out today and worked on it again. It's a scene from Gaspe around Perce or New Carlisle. 

1116 Peonies in a Jewel Jar, 8x10, oil on board

Sold-Minnesota USA

These lovely peonies have been in this jar for a week! I started this painting last Sunday and finished it today. I felt like giving up every time I looked at them but felt guilty. They seemed like they wouldn't give up so how could I?
 Well it's a sweet painting. Even if I say so myself.

1115 Wild Roses, 8x10, oil on board

sold-Westmount, QC

Here's my painting beside my setup. I painted it yesterday when the petals were still on. I love the wall paper behind the roses but I felt it would get too busy.