760 Oceanographers

These kids must have been on a day camp trip. They ran about gathering stuff and looking at it. Then they carefully returned everything back to where they found it.

759 Friends and Sisters

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I met these three young ladies yesterday while painting in Beacon Hill Park. I asked if they would sit for me and they obliged. Two are sisters and all are friends. 

754 Sun Stroke

It was a scorcher. I stayed and painted until I felt sunstroke. So I call this painting Sun Stroke.

752 Empress Staff Lunch

Here's a scene from the Empress Hotel Garden. I was so tempted to make those whites "white". Sorry about the glare.

749 Girl Talk

I did this from my imagination and memory today while I was painting at the Empress. Hmmm.

748 Guy Talk

Sold-Victoria BC
I composed this from two different sketches. Well maybe a little too much titanium white…chalky. But I like the narrative. I posted the sketch for it on my illustration blog.