1196 View from my Window, 8x10, egg tempera

This is the view from my window at LaCite on Park Avenue. It's right on the edge of McGill Ghetto and Le Plateau. The cats in the windows are so cozy as they wait for their humans to return.

1194 McGill Ghetto Corona Quarantine, 8x10, egg tempera

It's so quiet in the Ghetto during Corona lockdown.  And it's springtime! Even the cats are longing to go out.

1192 The Good Old Days, McGill, 8x9 egg tempera

sold-Burnaby BC
Remember the Good Old Days, when you could meet a friend for a walk. Greet someone with a kiss, or spend a few hours in the library.

1190 Serrano's Mile End Scene, egg tempera, 8x10

Serran's has been around at least since the seventies. I used to love bringing home a roast chicken (and bagels) for dinner.