591 Montreal. Plateau Snow Scene

Here's a scene from a really pretty street on Plateau Mont-Royal. (Avenue
Laval) I love how the railings and tree branches break up the light. Winter is great!

590 Montreal Winter Scene. Towards the Old Port

This is the view from Rue Sherbrooke beside Avenue du Parc LaFontaine on Christmas Eve. That's the Montreal Clock Tower, Pont Jacques Cartier and the Quays. There's a skating rink under the clock tower too.

589 Montreal Winter, Plateau Mont Royal

Sorry about the glare. This is another scene from the Plateau. It was a nice overcast day with the sky full and waiting to dump another load of snow. I think the municipal mascot should be the snow plow. They sure know how to move the stuff here. I love this painting,even if I say so myself. It is even better in real life than the photo. The sky is a pale yellow and the snow muted violet. I love the way the trees and power lines break up the painting like stained glass. And there is that church bell tower. It is so cool when they ring through out the neighborhood. It is almost Christmas morning as I write this.

587 Montreal Rue Saint-Denis

This is a scene from Rue Saint-Denis in the Latin Quarter. That church in the background is part of UQAM. I gather the students are from there. I just love the big round purple balls in the trees. Down further there are aqua colored balls. It has such a romantic atmosphere.

585 McGill University Winter Scene

This is the view of the main entrance of McGill University. It it dusk on an overcast day and the vapor over the roof tops is just so cool. 

584 Scene Near Le Plateau Montreal

This is a scene from my walk today in the Plateau area in Montreal. This is a side street off Rue Prince-Arthur. In Montreal there is often a beautiful church towering over the rooftops. This painting is sold but there is a similar scene still available here.

583 Montreal Snow Berries

These are snow berries I found in the neighborhood where I'm staying in Montreal. I have been brooding terribly over my lack of oil paints. I mailed them to where I'm staying in Montreal because West Jet won't allow you to travel with oil paints. The Post Office says I can have them after one pm tomorrow. So I decided to do this botanical tonight. It snowed today.

580 Montreal Rue Crescent

Montreal's Rue Crescent is so pretty and colourful every day. The shops are so beautiful and decorated expertly. Especially during the holiday season.

579 D'hiver de Montréal Scène de la rue Crescent

Another Montreal wintery day scene. This is Crescent Street Facing Mount Royal. The church is Erskine And American Church built in 1894. One of many beautiful churches in Montreal. 

578 Willow Sprigs

These are studies of some willow sprigs from my cousin's garden. I love the variations in the colour and texture of the leaves.