The Rialto, 8x10, egg tempera


 You have walked past the Rialto thousands of times. But you never went inside.

1269 Gala at the Rialto 8x10 egg tempera


This is a night gala I saw passing by on Park Ave in Montreal. Does it read alright?

1263 Under the Overpass, Montreal, 8x10, egg tempera


 This is one of my favourite streets in Mile End. I love that big old warehouse and the water tower. It makes the houses seem more private.

1261 The Best Winter Day, 8x10, egg tempera

 Those were the best of days. When you do winter sports you hate to see winter end. You might even hope for more snow.

1259 The Word, 8x10, egg tempera


 This is such a charming little shop. The Word has been there for as long as I can remember.