779 Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

sold-Canada (Labrador NL)
How tray this landscape would be if not for those gorgeous redbrick buildings with touches of bright paint.  

777 Goldstream Campfire

The salmon are still running out at Goldstream so lots of people are going out to witness this amazing event. Here are a family enjoying a campfire under the trees.

776 Roses and Robert Amos Pottery

I found this Robert Amos Pottery vase at a consignment store. What a treasure! I think the Arbutus berries is the perfect thing to put in it. (Both are so totally Victoria).

775 Cheerful Flowers

I got this cheerful bouquet from the "as Is" section at a local flower shop.  I love them just as they are. (elastic band and all).

774 Flowers for Thanksgiving

A dear friend of mine treated me to Thanksgiving dinner and gave me these lovely flowers. I really do feel grateful for my wonderful friend and everything else.

773 Fall Flowers

I managed a modest but lovely bouquet from the hardiest of the bouquet from a few days ago. 

772 Dahlias in a Glass

I managed to get this last painting out of this lovely dahlia bouquet. They sure brought me a lot of enjoyment.

771 Autumn Bouquet in a Mason Jar

Here's another autumn bouquet. Left to right: Rose Mallow, feverfew, calendula, brown eyed susans, snow berries,and rose hips. There's a purple vetch type flower too but I don't know what they're called.

770 Dahlias in a Glass

I thought of calling these "casual" dahlias because they're in a drinking glass rather than a vase.