828 Montreal Winter St-Denis Near UQAM

Lately I've felt like going back to school. I miss my university years. Not so much the challenge of learning but those cold slushy short winter days. 

820 Montreal Winter, Fastest Transport, 8x10, oil

sold-Canada (Calgary)
It's true. Two wheeled powered by your own steam is usually the fastest transport in Montreal winter. Unless you live next to the metro.

815 Montreal Winter Rue Bousquet, 6x6, oil

Bousquet is a really charming street at any time of the year but especially in winter. You need a snow shovel for sure if you live here.

814 Montreal Winter, Red Stairs, 8x10, oil

sold-Canada (Quebec)
I'm tempted to call this work "Never on Tuesday" as parking would be impossible. A little drama. But I decided on "Red Stairs" as that would be better strategically for the search engines.  Will see.

810 Montreal Winter Scene, Shovelling, 6x6, oil

Hockey is considered Canada's official sport. But shovelling snow is the activity that gets more hearts pumping across the country than anything else. 

809 Montreal Winter, Young Family, 6x6, oil

I saw this young family trudging through the snow and just had to paint them. Later they will sit down (rosy cheeks) to a warm lunch in a cozy Montreal apartment. 

806 Montreal Skyline with Cardinal

My sister had a place in Hochelaga near La Fontaine. This was the view from her back balcony. The cardinal used to visit regularly. Everywhere you turn in Montreal you will see a church towering over the houses. 

805 Montreal Winter, McGill, 6x8, oil

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Here's another McGill Ghetto Painting. It depicts the start of the Canadian long cold winter evenings when everyone's indoors studying hard for their exams.

803 Montreal The Blue House,8x10,oil

sold-Canada (Ottawa)
I always liked the look of this blue house. It's in the McGill Student Ghetto.

802 Montreal Under Snow, 6x6, Oil

sold-USA (Hawaii)
This is Montreal Est under snow. This charming area used to be called the Molasses quarter because there was a Molasses factory here that employed many in the neighbourhood. There was a time when Montreal had many factories.

800 Point Zero, St Catherine Est

This building stands on its own on St Catherine East, Near UQUAM. Many years ago it stood inconspicuously between other edifices like itself. But now it stands alone on the edge of vacant lots. 

788 Av Du Musee, Montreal Winter Scene,

Here's another little gem. I've always loved the way street lights reflect against objects in the night. 

779 Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

sold-Canada (Labrador NL)
How tray this landscape would be if not for those gorgeous redbrick buildings with touches of bright paint.  

777 Goldstream Campfire

The salmon are still running out at Goldstream so lots of people are going out to witness this amazing event. Here are a family enjoying a campfire under the trees.

776 Roses and Robert Amos Pottery

I found this Robert Amos Pottery vase at a consignment store. What a treasure! I think the Arbutus berries is the perfect thing to put in it. (Both are so totally Victoria).

775 Cheerful Flowers

I got this cheerful bouquet from the "as Is" section at a local flower shop.  I love them just as they are. (elastic band and all).

774 Flowers for Thanksgiving

A dear friend of mine treated me to Thanksgiving dinner and gave me these lovely flowers. I really do feel grateful for my wonderful friend and everything else.

773 Fall Flowers

I managed a modest but lovely bouquet from the hardiest of the bouquet from a few days ago.