Sunday, December 15, 2019

Outremont Park (work in progress), oil 24x36

Here's a piece I've been working on all week. (Sorry about the reflections but I couldn't bring myself to go outdoors today to photograph it. Brrr) Six years ago I had painted an 8x10 of this scene and said I planned to do a larger painting of the same scene. So here it is finally.  I've done a number of Outremont Parc paintings but all in small format. I love the blue shadows in the snow and cool winter sky cradling the charming brick houses.
Okay, so I want to put in the details of the houses, add some trees to cover up the extra branches I took out of the sky. And some tree shadows on the wall of the pavilion on the right. Then the best parts of all I'll glaze and glaze and glaze to give a sense of depth to the shadows in the snow. Then finally I'll scumble that pavilion and some snow with a very dry brush.
Well, that's my plan so far. 

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