Friday, December 20, 2019

Outremont Parc (Making Progress), 24x36, oil

Still working on Outremont Park. It's beginning to feel like a great date that's been going on too long.  Still....gotta soldier on.
I still want to glaze some more. Maybe a transparent red oxide glaze over the black coats of the ladies on the left. And maybe transparent yellow oxide over the dark red house on the left. And scumbling cad red lite and orange over some of the red buildings.  The taupe stucco on the middle building should be glazed and scumbled with blue greys and orange. And white scumbling over the edge areas on the pavilion to give it a stucco feel. And the trees could be worked on to give them volume. And the windows and building features and small branches could be detailed better. And that kid in the pink snow suit has to be toned down and darkened a bit. And the faces need a bit of work.  And I thought I was nearly finished.

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