Friday, March 11, 2016

944 Tea Room Drama, oil on canvas, 36x48

Here's one of the five paintings I'm putting in the Victoria Sketch Club Show. I started painting it when I was artist in Residence at the Empress Hotel. I painted the tea room a few times and they turned out fine. However, I really wished I could stage the scene with models. However, that would have cost more than was in my budget, and it would have been quite a challenge to find the right models and dress them up for afternoon tea. So instead I found models in works done my the French Impressionists and staged them in my work. I quite like the drama.
 I still have time to make changes on it. So please I am open to comments.

Hey, If you're in town next week please come to the show. I will be there Opening night and will be volunteering throughout the show.  Here's the info:

107th Annual Victoria Sketch Club Show
Glenlyon School Gymnasium
1701 Beach Drive
Victoria BC

Opening night Tuesday March 15th 7-9pm
Wed March 16 to Sun March 19 10am to 7pm
Sunday March 20 10am to 4pm

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