Wednesday, November 21, 2012

570 Red Maple Leaf

I found this amazing red leaf today and just had to paint it. I looked it up and think it is a silver maple leaf. The sugar maple. I think it's the real Canadian Maple leaf that the Canadian Flag is about. I found it on the lawn of the Parliament Building. So that might be further evidence supporting this theory. But I'm not an expert so I titled it what I knew for sure to be true. It's red. Wonderful orange red with wonderful cadmium and crimson veins, with splashes of yellow and drops of oxide green and cerulean blue and ivory black and paynes grey (sp?) and quinacridone orange and yellow ochre.......Stop  Painting this wonderful leaf was just so much fun.  Here's a photo of my set up. I think I captured it well. Should I have painted the scotch tape in?


  1. I think the scotch tape (R) might take away from the organic look of the painting;)


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