Monday, July 15, 2013

Willows Beach Sketches

I never go out without my sketchbook.  It is handy for keeping notes of things like appointments, to do lists, etc. (Good memory jogger). Well, I was looking for a note I had made last year and came across these sketches I did around this time a year ago. These sketches are from a day on Willows Beach.  I love beach scenes and have used my sketches for a number of oil paintings.  I was listening to the radio on my IPhone that day. I was impressed by a song called Beautiful Soul Song by Kobo Town. I've forgotten it but I'm going to search it. Maybe it will inspire me today. I'm heading out to Holland Point with my sketch book. (Did I say that in February I hurt my arm and have been sketching with my left hand since then. The sketches below are still using my right hand.)

It's my day off from the Empress

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