Sunday, September 12, 2010

Koi Joy, acrylic, 36x48"

I've been up all night working on this. I like it....but will  still like it if I get some rest?


  1. On September 20th, lets all wish Darlene
    a happy 55th birthday.

  2. My husband and I just love your work. Your Koi Joy is very lively. I love Koi and wish I could have some in a pond. To cold here for that sad to say. Perhaps we should just buy this picture.

    Keep up the good work, we can tell you love to paint.

    Byebye for now, Tim and

  3. Darlene isn't 55! She's only 50! (and looks 30)

  4. Maybe this was mistyped by someone who had fries near their keyboard.


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