Thursday, October 17, 2019

1143 Heading Home, McGill Ghetto Scene, 8x10 Egg tempera

sold-Medicine Hat
I love how this painting turned out. I always loved that red house. And the young family trudging through the snow is typical on a nice winter day.
I also love using egg tempera. I almost can't stop painting. I turned in at 4am last night.  I love the control I have over the paint. Especially with small details. Egg tempera dried almost instantly.
This painting actually started this past summer when I had Windsor Plywood cut a few sheets of baltic birch into 8x10s.  Then I spent a month sanding, sealing, gessoeing, and scraping.  I just totally love those panels. Smooth as silk and sooo inviting. Really worth the effort.
I haven't sealed or varnished this work yet. I'm not sure if I will seal it with shellac and then varnish. Or if I'll do olifa....varnished with linseed oil medium.  Or if I'll just burnish the surface to a slight sheen.  

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