Friday, September 14, 2012

526 Ogden Point Scene

This scene is from this morning at Ogden Point. The first two are Seaspan Tugboats and the yellow one is the Pilot Boat. They're the traffic team, escorting bigger boats in and out of Ogden Point, keeping them safe from the rocks under the water.  They are cool to paint too.

It's a busy dock too. I had almost finished the painting with just the first tug boat and the yellow one when the middle white tug comes and parks right in between. Really glad it did. It broke up the seawall in the background and improved the composition.


  1. I was a crew member of the tug that arrived after you started your work. It was a treat for me to come up and have a look at some of the paintings that people were doing that day. As a participant in the working harbour we always appreciate seeing our equipment under a different light!


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