Friday, June 29, 2012

494 Witty's Lagoon

This is from Witty's Lagoon this morning.  With plein air paintings stuff like sand and grass often get stuck int he paint. Today it was tiny mosquito-like bugs. They were very attracted to my paint. As you can see there are numerous little critters embedded in the wet paint. I tried to rescue them by gently trying to scoop them out with the tip of my palette knife. Sadly, my efforts were futile. Once the painting is dry I will be able to brush the loose parts of the insects off but the parts that are in the paint will stay for the life of the painting and beyond. sigh


  1. nice colour mixing Darlene...bugs add character:)

  2. Good one. Brushing off when dry is the way to get rid of grasses and sand too.

  3. nice painting Darlene,