Friday, November 11, 2011

394 Blue Bridge

It was pouring rain today and it got windy. I had to hold my umbrella with one hand and paint with the other. And the oil paint kept slipping off the canvas, wet with rain. Oh yeah, and I had to stop painting cuz my hands were frozen stiff. Then there was this other artist nearby, who's easel got blown away with the wind, and she had to run into traffic to catch her drawings which were blowing all over the place.  Okay, I've whined enough.

This is the Johnson Street Bridge. Soon to be replaced. This is at least my 3rd painting of it. Each one completely different from the others. With this one I used a cadmium red light ground. It's a dark orange so it looks sharp next to the different blues.

This is one of those paintings that I like more each time I look at it. Hmmn.

To buy this painting, or to just get a close-up look click here

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