Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Egg in a Bowl, oil on canvas board, 6x6

I decided to paint another egg today. It's fun to paint eggs. Okay, the bowl is a bit wonky, but I like the egg. I might do another tomorrow.
I tried to do this as a limited stroke challenge. I counted how many strokes I would use (thirty-six) and tripled it. Well sort of (one-hundred). But I lost track after around fifty. Sigh.
I like the limited stroke exercises. And I think these exercises will help me improve my painting as much as any workshop. I have such a limited concentration span. I find I can only concentrate for about ten minutes then my mind wanders for ten and then back. Sigh.
Though when I paint I find I can focus for hours. Even get more and more focused. When I paint in the evening I find I can't sleep I get so stimulated.

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  1. Great painting of an egg! I had to laugh when reading your description of not being able to sleep after painting in the evening. That is just what I go through, same thing. All that stimulation can keep me up all night too! It's not easy being an artist but what fun we have!


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