955 Autumn Beauties, 11x14, oil on board

Here's another one I made some changes to. The flowers are rose mallow, calendula, and rosehips, and dill.

954 Dahlias, oil on board, 11x14

I just love Dahlias. You gotta paint them quickly as they only last a blink of an eye.

953 Sidewalk Beauties, 11x14, oil on board

I started this painting last autumn. The flowers are from a construction site that used to be a community garden (where I had done many of my flower paintings). After the painting had dried over the year I gave the background grey another lighter coat of paint and sharpened the edges of the rose hips and increased their intensity with can red and yellow to bring them forward. The flowers in the arrangement are purple rose mallow, calendula,camomile, snow berries, brown eyed Susan, speedwell, and rose hips.

Fairmont Empress Hotel

I will be participating in the Moss Street Paint in Saturday July 16th. I'm artist # 138. I'll be in front of 601 Moss Street (between Minto and Carnsew Streets). I look forward to seeing you there.

May Artist in Residence

This  month I am Artist in Residence at the Victoria Coast Harbourside Hotel. That's 146 Kingston Street in In James Bay near Fisherman's Warf. I'm there Monday to Wednesday around 10am to 2pm. I'm doing free caricatures in the lobby. Please come and visit. Hey, the hotel is dog friendly so bring your best friend.

952 Spring Garden, oil on board, 8x10

I painted these spring flowers this morning at a local park.  Really the flowers were all spread out so they didn't really fit on an 8x10 board. But I squeezed them together to get them all in. 

949 Magnolias, oil on board, 8x10, plenair

This morning I went painting at Government House with a group of friends. I found this amazing pink magnolia tree with a beautiful vista in the back ground. I might go back tomorrow.

946 Bev, 15x22, watercolour on Arches

This is a watercolour I did of a family friend. Watercolour had once been my favourite media. 

945 Girl in the Library, oil on canvas, 30x36

Here's another painting I'm putting in the Victoria Sketch Club Show. It's also one I started at the Empress Hotel during my residency. 

944 Tea Room Drama, oil on canvas, 36x48

$3800 Inquire
Here's one of the five paintings I'm putting in the Victoria Sketch Club Show. I started painting it when I was artist in Residence at the Empress Hotel. I painted the tea room a few times and they turned out fine. However, I really wished I could stage the scene with models. However, that would have cost more than was in my budget, and it would have been quite a challenge to find the right models and dress them up for afternoon tea. So instead I found models in works done my the French Impressionists and staged them in my work. I quite like the drama.
 I still have time to make changes on it. So please I am open to comments.

Hey, If you're in town next week please come to the show. I will be there Opening night and will be volunteering throughout the show.  Here's the info:

107th Annual Victoria Sketch Club Show
Glenlyon School Gymnasium
1701 Beach Drive
Victoria BC

Opening night Tuesday March 15th 7-9pm
Wed March 16 to Sun March 19 10am to 7pm
Sunday March 20 10am to 4pm

943 Beach kids, miniature, 2.5x3.5, oil on board

$40 buy now
Here's another miniature painting. I'm doing a lot of them some of the same scene to warm up and practice my skills. These little miniatures are available for $40 and they come in tiny gold frames.

938 Beach Kids, 2.5x3.5, miniature, oil on board

I will be exhibiting five paintings at the 107th Annual Show of the Victoria Sketch Club. Please come. Here's the info.

933 Reading Together, miniature, 2.5x3.5, oil on board

This little gem is from a painting I did of a scene in the library at the Empress Hotel when I was Artist in Residence.