1154 Le Plateau Best Transport, egg tempera, 8x10

When I was in school nobody rode a bike in the winter. The brakes just don't work properly. Now it's a common mode of winter transport. It really is the fastest.

1153 Aylmer Street, 8x10, egg tempera

A friend of mine once lived in that red brick building. The apartment was only about 200 square feet (And half of it was the bathroom). In spite of it's tiny size there were numerous "large cubby holes" hidden in the closets and cupboards. (The cupboard over the kitchen was built on top of the bathroom ceiling and could have concealed a family of four!) The place had a small icebox(instead of a fridge) which was defrosted every Wednesday (somehow through a pipe from the basement of the building). It was the 1980s, so it was quite unusual for buildings to still have iceboxes. We used to attend free recitals at the Pollack Hall.  Then we would return to the apartment to drink compari and soda and make dinner in the tiny kitchen, while saxaphone music bellowed from a window across the lane. Those were truly romantic and wonderful times.

1151 Parc LaFontaine Fun, 8x10, egg tempera

Here's a Parc LaFontaine sliding scene.  Don't you just love sliding?  Before they invented those plastic slides we used to slide on a big piece of cardboard. We used to put five or six kids on a big enough piece.  What fun!

1152 Parc La Fontaine, 8x10 egg tempera

Here's a painting I'm working on. There's still work to be done on it but this is half way through.  Considering omitting the light post and maybe adding some more figures. Will sleep on it.  

1150 Lane in the McGill Ghetto, 8x10, egg tempera

Here's a curious lane in the McGill Ghetto.  (Always a gathering of young people there). I always liked the jumble of structures in this lane.
That grey structure in the background attached to the house and braced is the remnant of an old shed.  They removed the bottom part and braced it. Sheds, once a common part of most houses in Montreal, but the city outlawed them in the 1980s due to many arson attacks that started in sheds.  Sheds used to house the boiler and oil tanks for the heating system. Our boiler was dated 1903 in the 1980s and it was still working fine.  Those hot water radiateurs were so nice and efficient. Great for drying mittens. They don't build things like they used to eh.