1117 Gaspe Scene, Men at the Boat, 8x10, oil on board

Sold-Nova Scotia
I started this years ago and finally took it out today and worked on it again. It's a scene from Gaspe around Perce or New Carlisle. 

1116 Peonies in a Jewel Jar, 8x10, oil on board

These lovely peonies have been in this jar for a week! I started this painting last Sunday and finished it today. I felt like giving up every time I looked at them but felt guilty. They seemed like they wouldn't give up so how could I?
 Well it's a sweet painting. Even if I say so myself.

1115 Wild Roses, 8x10, oil on board

sold-Westmount, QC

Here's my painting beside my setup. I painted it yesterday when the petals were still on. I love the wall paper behind the roses but I felt it would get too busy. 

1105 Irises in a Mason Jar, 8x10 oil on board

I picked up these lovely flags from Safeway the other day. They didn't keep long even in the fridge. I had to work fast. I painted the flowers first and ended up painting the jar after the flowers were done...sigh. I'm getting a little bored with the wall paper. I will look around the house for some props. 

1101 Daffodils in a Jar, 8x10, oil on board

I love daffodils. The first flower of spring that appears at the markets. The flower that represents Hope.

1100 Montreal Winter Scene, 8x10, oil on board

I painted this on a canvas board and didn't notice it had a slight dent straight down the middle. So this is one that won't go for sale.

1097 Shabbat, Mile End, 8x10 oil on board

sold Ontario
I really like the high contrast in this painting. It is very dynamic and there's a lot happening but it's also very simplified and the centre of interest is very clear. 

1096 Montreal Winter Scene near UQAM

I just modified this painting. The old version had a boot dangling from the wire spanning the street. I removed it and painted in the figures. I like the new narrative.

1094 McGill Ghetto Night Walk, 8x10, oil on board

This is on Milton facing McGill. Yesterday's painting of the book shop in on the same street. A romantic walk.

1093 Bookshop on Milton, 8x10, oil on board

This bookshop is called "The Word". It always attracts passersby to checkout the books line up on the windowsill.

1087, Guy Street, Montreal 8x10, oil on board

I don't know why that building on the right looks crooked. In person it's ok. I will take another photo tomorrow.

1085 Crescent Street, 8x10, oil on board

Pardon the glare. I'm seriously considering getting some studio lighting so I can photograph these better.

1084 Tabagie Biere et Vin, Montreal winter scene, 8x10, oil on baord

I always liked this building. It's colourful. And you know it's really warm inside because the icicles are abundant (and the insulation not so good). The cats looking out from the upstairs windows lucky to be indoors.  It's not such a cold day by Montreal standards. The kids are having fun.